Flower of Life

 I was able to do a lot conceptual work on this piece and planned it all out to make it symmetrical and balanced. Which made it was easy for me to calculate how much of each of the materials I used in total:

66 pop tabs, 68 wine bottle lids, 26 bread-tags, 40 toilet paper rolls, 28 Danactive bottles, 84 yogurt cups, 23 lightbulbs, 20 bottle seals, 12 plastic drink bottles, 36 pudding cups, 11 hotel snack tin bottoms, 28 hotel snack tin lids, 160 juice/milk/cream carton seals with loop, and the only thing I can’t really be sure of is how many phone/electrical cords, cables, and wires I worked with….. Everything is attached to a chicken wire base using sewing and crochet techniques.

Thanks to everyone who helped me collect items for this piece. much love!