One last hug before I took it down! looking for a new home for the tree :) sorry for the blurry image!

in  keeping with my last post…

flower power

Thanks to the Hastings Highlands Public Library for letting me display my work in their space last month! Inspired by my Mandala and the flowers I made for my tree art installation from a couple years ago, I’ve been working on a new commission to create some new flowers for a window display at a hair dressing salon in Barrie.

Here’s a link to the original flowers I started with:

Guess what’s on display at the Hastings Highlands Public Library in Maynooth for the month of January….


The tree is back!

This was my Grandpa’s vehicle last monday after I filled with all the pieces of my tree as well everything else I would need for my little trip to Coe Hill.



Here’s a link to the Finnegan Lake Gallery facebook page where you can see more photos of me at work posted by Jenn last week.

I have more photos coming…


One of my favorite new discoveries from the last month or so was when I found out I could also scratch designs into the plastic pop bottles to create even more detail…



I’ve been taking advantage of the sunbeams in the living room :)

another day

another bracelet



sunshine day

we re-arranged the living room last week and I hung up some tree branches from my old “hello housekeeping” art installation on the wall.

-crocheted electrical cords with hotel amenity bottles as leaves.

Just a few more weeks…

Happy New Year!! Only one more month left to go see my mandala and the rest of the Hard Twist 7- Touch Me, Feel Me- textile arts show at the Gladstone Hotel. The last day will be January 27, 2013.