I made an etsy account! I still have to list more stuff but its a start :)

One last hug before I took it down! looking for a new home for the tree :) sorry for the blurry image!


I moved into a lovely little cabin off the grid at the beginning of May, and spent all month working on getting it set up so I haven’t done much art since the move. Which has been hard on me! haha. I did make this rug though! I used a giant crochet hook and 2 inch strips of fabric.


I’m taking a break from this reverse applique piece that I started developing a week ago, since I sewed my finger to it with my machine and fainted.

new lil loom

I recently found this small loom at a rummage sale and haven’t been able to stop weaving since then. So I made some new bracelets that are a little smaller and half woven/half leather and stuffed. I’ve been trying to use mostly natural materials like cotton, wool and leather, there is some acrylic yarns though because I can’t resist certain bright colours…

I’m trying to figure out what I want to make so I can combine these 4 techniques…

I finished it! and started another…

in progress



I started this as a prototype of some small purses I’d like to start developing. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing embroidery for hours.